You will need
  • - stands;
  • books;
  • - a set of upholstered furniture;
  • - coffee tables.
Despite the large variety of visual AIDS, not every library uses them for registration area reader. Problems are typically related to insufficient usable area required by the library. To the area the reader was the most informative and significant, follow some of the recommendations.
In the design of the area the reader remember that filling it full of books scatters the attention of the visitors to the library. So use photo montages made with colorful illustrations.
To comply with the principle of availability of information posted in the corner of the reader, create a "sponsor" area. This will make the information stand in the multilevel models, taking into account the interests of different ages of readers. Divide it into three zones: information for teachers, parents, high school students; the information interesting and useful for all categories of readers; information for beginning readers. In this area it is better to draw in different style.
Position to "sponsor" the stand information on the operation of libraries, a guide (depending on number of rooms), library rules, bright is book novelties and succinct slogans, mottos and slogans that attract the attention of visitors.
Turn into area of the reader of the Express-exhibition of book novelties. It can be continually updated, changing topic titles, taking into account the reader's demand. In addition, the selection of the displayed new products is affected by the month of the organization of the Express-exhibition. For example, in may - before the summer recess - possible demand for software works in literature.
Depending on the purpose of the hall, which is the area of the reader, can make thematic shelves with materials, for example, on local history, in various parts of the curriculum (dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, etc.).
To comply with feedback from the reader, select the area the place where a visitor can leave comments, make suggestions, Express gratitude to the library staff, etc.
Because the library often conduct public themed events, check the neighborhood information and exhibition stands area of upholstered furniture and coffee tables. They can put magazines, Newspapers, brochures.