How we miss loved ones when we are forced to part with them for a long time. And how I want to write about their feelings, thoughts, about what is happening at home, tell the news. How to write a letter to brother in armyto cheer him up, something not to offend, not to upset, because he gets so tricky?
Every letter begins with the greeting. Addressing a friend, use the word "dear", "beloved". Then you can write about how you miss him and dream to see you soon. If you know about the upcoming meeting (may want parents to come in the near future), will inform you of this, because good news to cheer the young fighter.
Next is to think about what questions you asked in your last letter, brother, and answer them. You can ask about what interests you. For example, how are the relations with other soldiers, treat them as commanders, how to feed, does he exercise, regime day.
If you got the picture from your brother, write about how proud of the fact that it protects the Homeland, note that he grew up, matured, became more serious. You can send him your picture, this will allow you to be closer.
Let brother about the latest news in your family. Probably has a pet that he loves. Write to him about how the pet plays and eats. Your brother will be glad that the animal is healthy and fun. Write about what friends are interested in his service in the army and says hi. Not report bad news, don't upset your brother. Perhaps everything is settled, and his experience will be in vain.
In the rest of the letter is to wish my brother good service, good health, good friends, good mood. Write about what you are waiting for his letter or will.