You will need
  • A sheet of paper, pen, envelope, the address for sending
To begin with, remember there are no rules in writing a letter to a friend does not exist! It is absolutely free and spontaneous flight of your thoughts and feelings, allowing any form of writing.
Select a suitable sheet of paper and a pen. If you are creative, you can use unusual colorful leaves and colored pasta/pencil. If you are an adult and discreet, take a white sheet (or A4 lined notebook) and a pen of dark color.
Sit back and focus a bit. That is to say, log in to the lyrical state. To do this, imagine your friend, remember his face, the first memory or the characteristic color.
Hello friend, as you usually do at the meeting. This may be the most unusual or playful expression. For example, "Hey, dude, long time no see!" Your friend, after reading the first sentence greetings, from must experience the emotions associated with you and tune in to your communication.
This is followed by the body of the email. Here you can write about everything. Tell us about yourself first: what's new with you happened about interesting events in the circle of your friends in common. What happened to change your Outlook, and new ideas and concepts. Or maybe just describe your mood, state of mind. For example, you moved to another city, and what feelings do you visit most often what you are thinking.
In addition to presenting the relevant information you can remember your fun occasions. Write: "Hey, buddy, remember how you went on the mountain, and you fell in the snow? And I got to help you out, and he was there. Long have we basked then!"

Such stories invariably make you smile your friend, cause a wave of warmth and desire to share something important and understandable only to the two of you.
Remember, perhaps you have something want to ask your friend, but never had a chance? Write to him about it. Or just ask him how he changes and what he can share with you.
When the main part of the letter is finished, say goodbye to your friend. Do this type of welcome, free style, typical of your type of communication.
If you are a person original, that the finished sheet of letters you can stick pictures or to highlight the frame. In the same way as in childhood put interesting gifts, for example, a postcard, a photograph or drawing
Now put the letter in the envelope, seal it carefully and sign the address according to the rules. You have to take the letter to the post office and then anxiously expect a friendly response!