You will need
  • - iTunes;
  • connection to the Internet.
Open your computer's iTunes software, after performing pairing with the iPhone. Go to AppStore and find the app iBlackList. After purchasing this application install it in your mobile device. Configure the blocking of incoming calls to certain callers from your contact list. Please note that the application in most cases is not much.
Use an alternative way of adding subscribers in the black list in the mobile phone iPhone. To do this, download software MCleaner. This application not only blocks unwanted incoming calls, but also works with SMS messages. She also performs the function of creating a blacklist, by activating which you can add contacts to your phonebook.
Call the technical support service of your operator and check with them about additional service "Black list". It allows you to keep certain contacts phone book in your mobile device by assigning them special names in the phone book, as well as certain changes to the number of their mobile phone regardless of whether this action is built-in or software installed or not. This service is mostly available on a paid basis. To activate it you can also contact the office of customer service, there you can get help setting up service on your mobile device.
Also periodically learn about the possibilities of adding subscribers in the black list on the official website serving you the subscriber. At the moment the most convenient and efficient of these methods is to install MCleaner.