To be removed from the blacklist of the user for the start of make a link where XXXX is your id. Then send it to the user, who added to the blacklist. From his name, of course, you should not do that, better ask to make a friend or register another account. So the user has moved the link, encourage him. For example, add to the link text, which can be intriguing, for example: "And you do that part(a)?". If he clicks this link, you will automatically be removed from its blacklist and will have access to the page, and the right to send him a personal message.
To be removed from the black list (ban list) in the group Vkontakte, create link where XXXX is the group id, and #### - your id. Then send this link to the administrator group. To do this from your page should not be. Better ask to make a friend or register another account. Can add the link to the intriguing text, for example: "have you seen what is happening in your group?". You can send a link and no text, but it is more likely that the group administrator will go through it. As soon as he does, you will be automatically removed from the ban-list group and will have access to it.
If you think you added to the blacklist unreasonably, try first just contact the user (administrator group) and find out the reason why you got there. Maybe your account was just hacked-fraud, and it went to spam or offensive statements that you have no relationship. If the situation is resolved, you will not need to cheat, and the user (administrator group) voluntarily will remove you from the blacklist.