To evaluate the wear property on the basis of its actual status, as well as using the data of accounting and statistical reporting. In addition to physical, functional and external wear is divided into recoverable and non-recoverable.
The degree of physical wear and tear determines the additional cost of bringing the building to a condition suitable for its further safe operation. The magnitude of such costs can be comparable to the cost object, so it is important with a high degree of accuracy to determine the amount of wear of the object and its component parts.
This question is quite complicated because of the design features of real estate and the impact on the wear of the various factors that cause uneven destructive changes in the design of the facility, its systems and components. The percentage of wear of the property, therefore, should be determined element by element. The appraiser is required to do this separately to see all the structural system of a building or structure, identify and document signs of wearthat are typical for each structural system and measure the percentage of wear on each.
To certain constructive system should include flooring, doorways, basement, walls, interior partitions, floors and roof. For each of these systems has installed signs of wear.
When inspecting the basement for this purpose, you will not be able to inspect it fully, as its lower part may not be available for inspection. The basis for determining the percent of wear of the Foundation will be the inspection of basement and cellar. For the base, the wear of which does not exceed 10% is characterized by the absence of deformation, cracking and chipping of mortar in the brickwork, exfoliation of the plaster layer. The basement must be dry, waterproofing is not compromised.
Signs of wear of the walls depend on the material from which they are made. If the walls were of brick, the signs of wear include chipping of mortar in masonry, cracks in it, the deviation from the vertical and the condition of the brick.
The roof structure consists of roof and supporting structure. For the roof the degree of wear is determined by the number of leaks, and the load-bearing structure – as material and geometry distortion.
The total percentage of depreciation is determined based on the percentage value of each element in the cost of the entire facility. These data locate in the directory "Integrated indexes replacement cost," which for all real estate objects of a certain class given the percentage contributions of each structural system in the total cost of the property.
In case of doubts and suspicions of hidden defects. a special technical expertise using tools and laboratory analysis. Such experts, equipment and the possibilities for specialized organizations which should apply in this case.