The factors influencing the service life of buildings

Service life of buildings is determined on the basis of the duration of major structural elements such as ceilings, floors, engineering systems, Foundation and more. For calculation of this indicator takes into account the number of measures for capital repairs and maintenance buildings. Over time the designs and elements of buildings wear out, lose their original properties. In this respect, brick houses are no exception. With age decreases the strength of structural elements, significantly deteriorate the insulating properties.

The service life of brick buildings is influenced by:
- quality of construction materials used in the construction;
- the regularity of ongoing maintenance activities;
- used in the construction of constructive decision;
- population density.

The types of deterioration of buildings

Distinguish between moral and physical wear of buildings. Physical depreciation calculated using special tables. The rate of physical depreciation is equal to the specific weight of wear of the individual elements to the total cost of the building. Moral deterioration necessary to understand from the point of view of compliance elements of a building for their functional purpose. In residential buildings this mismatch can manifest itself in the use of outdated engineering systems and architectural solutions.

Today the construction market offers different types of bricks. Depending on the method of production are distinguished concrete, ceramic and silicate brick. They differ not only in appearance but also in their characteristics.

How to determine the service life of a brick building

Service life of brick houses depends on how accurately has been the Foundation of the building. If the Foundation is constructed incorrectly, it will eventually be a shift that will lead to cracking. Any construction process needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the building regulations and technologies. Also durability directly depends on groundwater. As for the quality of the brick, if in its manufacture was used a quality cement and modern technology of the roasting, then the house will stand at least 200 years. Significantly reduce the service life of structures can high humidity. Therefore it is very important to securely insulate the walls.

To calculate the service life of brick buildings using generally accepted coefficients SNiP. Assessing the state of individual structures, receive the life of the entire structure. The combination of the deterioration of a roof, frame, floors, stairs, partitions, interior and exterior indicates that the service life of buildings without repair. As accurate practical calculations to determine the durability of buildings does not exist, the system is used to determine the degree of durability of individual structures. In this context, distinguish between the first degree of life is 100 years or more, second – up to 50 years and the third – 20-50 years.