By itself, the attenuation is the transfer value of the means of labor (in this case the car) depending on the measure of wear and tear on the product, etc. As a rule, depreciation is calculated in monetary terms.

The depreciation calculation is needed in order to carry out all necessary technical inspections and repairs of the vehicle, and to determine the maximum (remaining) life.
Neglected provisions of the technical work is impossible. And it is very important to carry out them in time. Otherwise, the car from the vehicle can turn into a real threat on the roads.

How to calculate depreciation of a car

To calculate the depreciation of a car, it is not necessary to have specific accounting knowledge. If you follow the instructions, it is not so difficult.

One of the simple ways to calculate the approximate attenuation, as follows. To do this, take a directory of all models of vehicles and their carrying amount (such is the accountants of the enterprises that operated vans). It depends on the year of the car. The number that you find there, divide by the number of months during which you used the car. This way you will be able to calculate the monthly amortization of the car.
It is worth considering that this calculation will not be the ultimate truth, because it is made quite rude. Because the Protocol does not take into account the number of parameters that are quite important.

Alternatively, it is possible to calculate the depreciation of the car online at Enter in these fields the details of your car, and the system will automatically calculate you the desired figure.

In order to conduct a more detailed calculation of the depreciation of the car, you will need to keep a special record. They be sure to consider all the financial costs associated with a car: replacement of consumables, the cost of gasoline, maintenance and expenses for repairs, also noteworthy is the seasonal replacement of the tyres. The only thing to remember is that all data need to be supported by checks. All these data are added, divided by the amount of time during which the vehicle was operated – as a result, obtained data on which to make a more accurate conclusion about the depreciation of the car.

What cars are depreciation calculation

Naturally, to calculate depreciation expense for any car. However, if we are talking about organization, here are a number of exceptions. So, for example, cars are divided into groups, depending on the year of the vehicle. Basically, there are three groups:
auto in age from 0 to 5 years;
- car from 5 to 7 years;
- car 7 to 10 years.

Typically, organizations try to carry out the calculation for a car older than 5 years. For those that do not hold, simply apply 10-20% of the depreciation expense from the total value of the car. Taken into account and additional equipment installed in the car. And sometimes the calculation of depreciation affects even the speed at which to move the vehicle.

This division is necessary for tax calculations. After depreciation expenses, like any other, must be very clearly reflected in the Declaration.