Describe and classify equipment. This work is the most difficult and time-consuming. It takes time and effort, as due to the fact that to use an existing database, such as Ledger account of fixed assets is difficult, because they were made completely different principles, i.e. there is no hierarchy of descriptions, there is no binding technical places, etc.
Inspect the equipment "live", although this leads to increased time costs. To do this, since the reconstruction and modernization changed its technological scheme, device, etc. Such changes do not always fit into technical documentation and the passport of the equipment, or they are lost. Thus, in practice, it is not enough to only use technical documentation and passports of the equipment. The only way to solve this problem is to combine time-description of equipment and its repair.
Define a hierarchy of equipment, i.e. divide it into main, auxiliary, etc. The upper tier must correspond to the technological objects (elements of a technological chain), which carry out production. This is followed by separate units of equipmentand then components and assemblies, of which they are composed.
Define physical deterioration of the equipment: describe and categorize the equipment of the technological chain of the plant; develop key indicators that characterize the state of the productive capabilities of the units of equipment; determine the weight required for calculation of the integral indicator of physical deterioration of units of equipment (determined by expert assessment); determine the current values of the main indicators and compare them with reference values; and hold a depreciating groups of similar equipment (equipmentwhich produce the same product or technological operation); calculate the wear process chain, where on the basis of data about the actual wear on groups of equipment.