Wear homes – is a combination of features, quality characteristics, and many other important parameters. To determine the degree of wear of the structure is not always possible, so it is better to use the services of professionals. Thus it is possible to avoid additional financial costs in the repair of houses, communication systems after acquisition, and home will serve the new owner for much longer.

Why specialist?

Sellers of real estate, whether a private home or apartment in an apartment building, often before the sale is carried out minor surface finishing, to cover significant damage to walls, floor or ceiling. For example, cracks stick with thick Wallpaper or overwrite of building mixtures of low quality, plumbing systems, water supply and heating sections are painted to hide the damage, etc., Such "finishing" work to hide the damage and in consequence of inattentive buyers are forced to change, repair, and in difficult cases and spend money on the purchase of other living space. Professionals are paid to examination of the structure much more attention, only they can find damage to where a person without experience and did not think to look for them. Assessment of the deterioration of buildings doing service examination of the property, where you can order departure of the expert to the place of inspection at a convenient time for the customer.

The main parameters for determining deterioration of a structure

Evaluation of the wear happens at home according to the established order and its course determined the most significant parameters.

- Year of construction – it is believed that one year operation of the building equates to 1% of wear.

- Exterior facade and interior – no cracks, difference plates and the curvature of the walls increases the operational data structure. Their presence directly indicates the alarm status of the house and its Foundation, increases the risk of failure of beams and their complete collapse.

The quality of material from which constructed the building – wooden building prone to damage by insects, rodents and, therefore, wear faster, a brick or stone promotes the growth of fungal organisms. To determine the quality of material of the building can only be a specialist.

- Status of heating in private homes is of almost paramount importance – it is the fault leads to a fire or simply the lack of heating.

The condition and availability of water, gas and electricity supply, sewage system, from these settings affect the future quality of operation of the building and the amount of funds that you will need to invest in repairs after purchase.

Self-assessment of wear

If it is not possible to order the inspection by the specialist, you can do it yourself. The first thing to look for when inspecting your home, it is a structural condition, floor, ceiling and roof. Floors must be sturdy, be free of any signs of decay and activity of insects or rodents. Special attention is needed to explore the building, built over 70 years ago, as the rate of wear and tear, according to age, is already more than 50%.

By defining all these parameters correctly, you can significantly reduce the cost of the project or to avoid the risk of purchase a building unfit for use.