You will need
  • - measuring tire tread
  • - line
  • - Vernier caliper.
The easiest way to determine the tire wear with the help of the device measuring tire tread. This affordable and easy to operate device can be purchased at almost any parts store or service center where your car is serviced.In order to determine the degree of tire wear, turn on the meter and place it in the groove of the tread. Then take a look at the numbers that will appear on the screen. If you have winter tires, the device should show not less than 4 mm residual thickness of the rubber, if the summer - not less than two millimeters. If the readings of the meter protector less, you need to replace the tires.
The degree of tire wear can also be defined manually using calipers and a ruler.
It is necessary to measure with a caliper the height of the tread. You do this by placing the needle in the groove Vernier caliper, measure the distance from the bottom of the groove to its top edge. Then remove the caliper and with a range of calculate how much would be the distance in millimeters. Criteria for the evaluation of wear the same as when measured with a meter tread: four and two millimeters respectively.
On some models, tires, e.g. tire manufacturing, Michelin and Nokian on the inner part of the protector marked numbers, which are gradually disappearing, showing the degree of wear rubber. Figure 8 refers to eight millimeters of the residual thickness, 6 - six millimeters, and so on. Focusing on these figures, you will be able not to miss the moment when the tires need replacement.