To copy a table in a pattern.
To do this, use the scroll bars to position the page so that the table was completely within the screen. Click on the keyboard Print Screen, saving to the clipboard the screen. Open any graphic editor, for example Paint, and paste in the resulting image. Next, select the area containing the tableand save it as a picture in jpg format, which then insert into any text document.
The use of special plug-ins.
There are special plugins that can recognize tables on web pages. They allow you to reformat them to the desired format and save it in a text editor. For Firefox a plugin called Table2Clipboard. After installing it, just click on the table, right-click and from the context menu to choose Copy Whole Table. This function copies the table to the clipboard while preserving the formatting. Then just paste the table into the document.
If you want to copy only part of the table, while pressing Ctrl, left mouse button, highlight the desired area. Then copy it with command Copy selected cells from the context menu and paste into the document.
Copying tables using Google Chrome.
In the latest versions of Google Chrome already has a feature with which you can copy the table formatting. To do this, select the table and from the context menu select "Copy".
Transfer tables from web-pages manually.
Create in Word a table with the desired number of rows and columns from the menu "Insert", "table", "Create table". In the dialog box, specify the number of rows and columns and click OK. After this, in turn, transfer the contents of each table cell, located on the website.