Open a browser window and wait for a full download. Look at the top line of letters and numbers. Use it for further actions.
Insert the desired link and go to it. If you want to share the link, copy it by pressing the left mouse button and select "copy", then paste it into an email and send. To view the data that is now stored in the buffere exchange, insert C:WINDOWSsystem32clipbrd.exe. Then you will see all the information.
If you want to view previously visited pages, then click on the arrow on the side of the bufferand you should see a box with Internet addresses which can go. Buffer exchange remembers the last address of the visited sites were transitions.
Keys are easy to use in copying documents or parts of text in text editors with subsequent transferring them to the right place.
Copy to buffer exchange the necessary files, press Ctrl+C.
In order to cut the file, press Ctrl+X.
To insert the necessary files into a document use Ctrl+V.
To view the folder that contains the buffer sharing, enter in the browser window C:WINDOWSsystem32. Wait for the download and review the information.