It would seem that it is sufficient to choose the app according to your requirements, and all problems have been solved. But often the need arises to move an item from one document format to another. Most often, difficulties arise when such element becomes a table, a copy of which is not the best option even within the standard products MS Office. Rather complex is the transfer of the table in PowerPoint.

Of course in PowerPoint you can create your own spreadsheet, but it takes extra time and effort. And to deal with the application in this case will have longer than usual to create presentations consisting of pictures and text. Much easier to insert a table into PowerPoint from another program.

How to insert a table in PowerPoint

Copy a table into PowerPoint from MS Word or MS Excel. In the last application creating tables is easier as it is designed for creating databases and preparation of analytical documents. If you have created a table in MS Excel, to copy it in PowerPoint, consider the following algorithm:

  1. First, select the range of cells in MS Excel that you plan to copy.

  2. Next, press "Copy" on the Home tab, in the menu that opens when you press the right mouse button or Ctrl+C.

  3. In PowerPoint select the slide where you want to insert the table.

  4. The slide simply "Paste" or Ctrl+V.

You can use a different sequence of actions, but then you insert a worksheet from MS Excel. To do this you should:

  • choose the slide;

  • opening the slide, select the Insert tab;

  • in the tab to find the button "table", then you will see a selection of tables, among which you will be prompted to insert any from MS Excel. After you copy the table to PowerPoint, you can change the text in the table cells by double-clicking on it.

How to insert a table in PowerPoint from MS Word

Similar to copy from MS Excel, MS Word, select the table. Further using the menu "Work" (tab "Layout", "table"), you should click the arrow to the "Select table". Then it should be copied by any method — via menu, a shortcut key or by clicking with the right mouse button. In PowerPoint you want to insert a table on the selected slide.