To insert a graphic file in MS Word version 2007, download the program, open the document and position the cursor in the area where will have to be drawing. Click on the Insert tab. In the group "Illustrations" click on "picture".
In the window "Insert picture", select the image you want to insert and click on the appropriate button ("Paste"). In MS Office 2003 to insert a picture click on "Insert" → "picture" → "From file" and select the picture. If necessary, change the parameters of the figure: its position, size, etc.
To add video or music file into an MS Word document 2007 go to the Insert tab and click on "Clip". In the right pane, click on "Organize clips". Then open "File" → "Add clips to organizer". Select a video or song. Holding the file with the left mouse button, drag it to the document.
Also the clip or music in MS Office 2007 and 2003, you can insert it with "Insert" → "Object" → "Create from file" → "Browse". Select the media file and click "Open" then "OK". The file appears as an icon. When double-clicking you will be prompted to open it or first implement and then open.
To insert in Word the font (which is the same file), press Win+R and type Fonts or open "start" → "control Panel" → "Fonts" folder. Drag in the folder of the font you want to install. Restart Word, close the program and open it again. Select from the list of fonts that you have installed and want to use.
If you want to insert into a Word document the data from a MS Excel spreadsheet, highlight the data you want to paste from Excel into a document. On the Home tab, click "Copy" from the group "Clipboard" (MS Word 2007) or click Ctrl+C (for MS Word 2007/2003). Set the Word document the cursor where you want to paste the data. Paste using Ctrl+V.
Click beside the button "paste Options" and put a point on one of the four possible commands: "Keep source formatting" (to be presented in the form of a table, MS Word) and "Paste as picture" (data will be inserted as a picture), "Keep source formatting and link to Excel" (to establish a link with Excel data that will update with changes) or "Keep text only" (data to be presented as text).
Paste from MS Excel chart according to the scheme described above. Use the "paste Options" to edit a chart: "Chart" (inserted a chart from Excel will be reported with the original document), "Excel Chart" (will be possible to access the entire Excel workbook), "Insert as picture" (the chart is in the form of a drawing), "Keep source formatting" (to be used in the initial format of the chart).