You will need
  • MS Word, MS Excel, computer.
To translate information from a file saved in Excel format in Word, open a spreadsheet file, highlight it in the desired cells, click the right mouse button and select "Copy". Then, start MS Word, create a blank document (usually created automatically) and insert the copied Excel snippet. Thus, in the created document will be needed to represent the table number of columns, and each row of Excel spreadsheet will be presented as a separate line in the document.
This method is the most simple, however, it lost the original formatting of the document. In addition, further editing be created in Word pseudotable will be very difficult.
Below tableprepared in Excel, in Word looked almost as paste the copied information into the previously prepared table. To do this, count how many columns and rows the original table has. Then, in Word, select the menu item "table" and "Paste". Specify in the pop-up window number of columns and rows and click confirm. All the rest (cosmetic) settings can be carried out later.

Now, as in the first case, copy the desired part of the table. Then, with the mouse select the entire table created in Word, click the right mouse button and select "Paste". All data from the source table will be distributed carefully on the empty cells of a Word table. Using formatting tools Word, fix incorrectly placed parts of the table.
This method is optimal for the preparation of the final documentation, however, does not allow to preserve the formulas that would hinder the subsequent resampling of the data.
To copy a table from Excel, including formulas and design use is not easy, and "special" insert. This will also copy the necessary fragment of the table, then select from the Word menu items "edit" - "paste Special". Then, select in the dialog the string "Microsoft Excel Worksheet (the object)".
Note the position of the point in the lines "Insert" and "Link". For the preparation of standard documentation leave this pointer to the string "Insert".
If you need that information in the Word document is changed automatically depending on the data in the Excel spreadsheet, select "Link". However, it is necessary to ensure the Word file is continuous access to the Excel file.