If you have a Schengen visa in a certain country, and you are going to visit another country, to enter which also required a Schengen visa. In this case, you must first cancel your existing visa, as valid Schengen visa do not overlap. The procedure of the self-cancellation of the visa is simple: you need to apply to the Consulate of the country which issued the visa, stating the reasons for the cancellation. As a rule, such statements are taken out of the lineup. A supplementary list of documents, as well as the form of writing of the statement should check with the Consulate of the particular country. After the cancellation of the visas at the request of the applicant, as a rule, there are no problems with the new visa in this country.
A visa must be cancelled if there were mistakes and inaccuracies in its design by the Consulate of the country that issues the visa. Due to the fact that any serious international visa is a document entitling to enter the territory of another state, corrections are not allowed visas. Visa, which has corrections is invalid. So if there are errors on the part of the Consulate, affixed in the passport for new visa. This procedure takes place without additional paperwork on the part of the recipient.
Visa can also be cancelled in connection with the violation of visa regime. This process produces the competent authorities at the time of entry or exit from the country without the participation of the beneficiary. In such cases, or is stamped or crossed out visa. The process of cancellation of the visa in any case is quite simple and does not require a large number of documents. But it is no less important, because the stay in the country with misfiled or duplicate visa will not be without trouble. Therefore, to obtain from trips only fun, pay close attention to paperwork.