Classic peep show

The name of peep show comes from the English Peep-Show, which roughly translates as "performance with voyeurism". Usually this show gets at the club. The stage alternately overlook artists who perform their numbers with the help of... most intimate parts of her body.

If you while traveling in another country bought a ticket to peep show, waiting for you, probably about the next. First you will bring to the club, where all the action takes place. There you can usually buy a drink: in the range there are cocktails, juices, water and spirits. If you sit closer to the stage, you will have an opportunity to consider and possibly participate in some of the rooms as an assistant from the audience (some show such a thing).

Participants in a peep show – women. For some reason representatives of the fair half of mankind are of most interest with the public what they can do with their genitals.

Artist take the stage at a time, usually they are almost naked. They can open bottles, shoot at targets with javelins, throwing balls for ping-pong, to get a variety of items, including sharp. All this is done without hands.

There are more extravagant programs for the peep show. Beautiful girls dancing, moving gradually to increasingly violent actions. Sometimes in this show include a possible additional services, such as taking a bath with someone of the speakers.

In most cases, peep show, do not remove. You cannot use the camera or video camera, even mobile phones are very suspicious, so it's better in any case to leave them at the hotel.

Peep shows in Russian clubs

In the domestic clubs, peep shows, as a rule, involves an additional aspect: erotic massage. Generally, it is constructed in the following way. In the room, the center of which is illuminated, and the corners are in shadow, comes to a man. It comfortably located in a darkened area. Then there is the beautiful girl and her performance, of course, passes under the light.

The girl slowly undresses, seductively moving to the music. Sometimes it additionally performs an erotic dance. There are peep shows where a girl pleasuring herself, pretending to orgasm. Some clubs offer peep shows with several performers.

Usually after the client will be able to watch peep show, he will be offered an erotic massage to complete the experience. Often times, a dancer and a masseuse is one and the same girl.