Contact the immigration authorities before the expiry of the visa, as the consideration of your application may take up to 20 days. Please note that to renew the tourist visa is impossible.
Imagine the bodies of the migration service, the necessary documents proving your right for a visa extension. It must be a petition from the organization (or work permit) or a statement from individuals who invited you to Russia, or the fact of having a return ticket with a fixed date. You can extend the visa for a period not exceeding 10 days if the total period of your stay in Russia does not exceed 90 days during each semester.
If the circumstances of a humanitarian nature (emergency treatment, the illness or death of a relative who lives in Russia), extend the visa for the whole period necessary for the resolution of the circumstances. Present in migratory service the documents confirming such circumstances.
Imagine the documents in the case of force majeure (e.g. natural disasters and other emergency) in order your visa has been extended for the period necessary for departure from the Russian Federation.
If you live in Russia for one year multiple educational or work visa, you can stay in the country during the whole validity period of such visas.
If you have overstayed a visa, then you can leave Russia only after the issuance of you in the migration service for exit visas. To do this, imagine documents, namely:
- passport with visa;
- 2 photographs;
- you bought a return ticket with date of departure;
- the receipt on payment of duty and penalty.
If the visa was expired was not your fault, contact the Consulate of your country below for their Note to the foreign Ministry of Russia issued a Certificate of return. Exit permit in such cases is not required, but to leave Russia you will be required within 10 days.