You will need
  • program AutoRuns;
  • - a Windows installation disc.
If utility msconfig does not start, then first just try to restart the computer. If no result check your computer for virus presence. Many of them disable this utility to the inexperienced user was not able to check the startup folder. Update your antivirus database and scan the system, then restart the computer.
Check whether the file on the disk msconfig.exe. In Windows XP the path is: С:/Windows/pchealth/helpctr/binaries/msconfig.exe provided that the OS is installed on drive C. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 file path: С:/Windows/System32/msconfig.exe. If this file is missing, find it on the web or copy from the installation disk to the folder where it should be.
A situation may arise when after cleaning the system from viruses the utility still does not start, although the file on disk is present. In this case, you must verify the integrity of system files. To do this, go "start" - "Run", then enter sfc /scannow and click OK. Will start scanning the system files.
If it is discovered that some files were deleted, you will be prompted to insert the installation CD-ROM. After it is inserted in the drive, click Retry. The original version of the file will be restored. After that, restart the computer, msconfig utility should begin to run.
What if all these methods didn't work? In this case, you will need a utility AutoRuns . Run it, open the Image hijacks tab. If you still have the virus, then this tab will be shown the msconfig file and that file (virus) that runs when you try to open msconfig.exe. Virus file you want to delete. When utility is AutoRuns will show an empty list, Image hijacks, this would indicate a deletion of the virus. In this case, msconfig will again begin to run normally.