You will need
  • - Payroll;
  • - Log payroll;
  • - List of employees;
  • - Information on the amounts of payments to employees.
State the full name of the organization , write in the line "structural unit" the name of the Department responsible for the compilation of statements. In the "Offset accountspecify the debit account "70".
Wages in cash may be kept for 3 days. In the line "To the cashier for payment-in-time" supply a start date of salary payment and an end date after 3 days from the date of issuance of money. The column "billing period" should be filled accordingly. The total amount to be paid, write with a capital letter, starting with the beginning of the string. Penny always specify only numbers. Resolution for salaries sign at the head of the organization and the chief accountant.
In the "document Number" and "date" insert the number and date of the statement.
On the second page Blanca payroll complete the table. The sequence number of the employee, specify in column 1. Then fill it with personnel number that is specified in a personal card of the employee. In column 3, write the surname, name and patronymic of the employee. The amount accumulated for each employee, enter the figures in column 4. Write it close to the left vertical boundaries of the column.
If the organization employs dozens of people, the billing statement may consist of several pages. The number of sheets enter payroll figures in the line "Number of sheets".
At the expiration of the term of payment of payroll with the names of employees who have not received wages, mark "Deposited". The column "note" is used in the case of receiving wages by proxy another person. In this column indicate the number of the presented document.
At the end of the payroll after the last record, move final stitch to fill in the total amount sheet. On the issued amount of wages make the account cash warrant on form N KO 2, the number and date of which are set on the last page of the payroll.