First of all, you should determine the age at which you should start such classes. Best for toddler age is the concept of the individual and depends on many factors, in particular mental and mental development of the child.
Usually recommended from an early age to encourage lesson kid drawing. So, for 3-4 years, he will be able pretty well to hold the pencil and pen, and at the same age you can buy him a recipe, and learning to outline the icons.
Just start to learn writing different numbers in about 5 years. Mainly children at this age without any problems cope with this task. There is a system of stories, which helps and facilitates learning to write numbers.
Digit one. Her writing always starts with the diagonal. Draw dash from the bottom up, writing the accompanying story about how the dog runs into the mountain and then rolling down the mountain (finish writing the figures by vertical dash from top to bottom).
Figure two. Everything under the old scheme: a dog climbs a hill, rolls down and runs on a straight path home. Draw the figure several times, explaining to the kid why slides are so different – the first steep with a sharp top, and the second flat.
The number three is particularly difficult to spell. Try the following method: select three main points, start to connect them, talking about the plump belly, under which is another the stomach, but more. So you will be able to concentrate the child's attention on coal, which is often a problem.
Figure four try to "tell": first, rolling down the hills on sleds, then go on a straight path, climb up and climb down the rope.
The five begin to write with a vertical dash, complementing the story: go down the rope and begin to draw fat belly, and finish drawing the roof, which will not allow the stomach to get wet in the rain.