You will need
  • - herb oregano;
  • - Melissa officinalis;
  • - thyme;
  • - peppermint;
  • - epilobium angustifolium;
  • - Leonurus cardiaca.
With the appearance of hand-shake consult to a neurologist or a neurologist who will conduct a survey and, based on the causes of this condition, appropriate treatment.
In elderly patients with tremor of the hands due to the reduction of blood flow in the muscle and nerve endings, loss of elasticity of blood vessels. When this state is assigned to the "Mexidol", "Milgamma", "Coaxil", etc.
It often happens that the cause of shaky hands is a pathology of the thyroid gland. Refer to the endocrinologist. The results of the survey will be assigned a treatment of iodine-containing drugs, or if necessary hormone replacement therapy.
Tremor of the hands, appearing on the background of vegetative-vascular dystonia, especially when fear (panic attacks), nervous exhaustion, severe anxiety before exams or an important presentation, usually easy to remove day-depressants, such as "Grandaxinum" or "Afobazol".
Use medical fees to reduce the shaking palsy. Take 2 tablespoons chopped herbs thyme, fireweed angustifolia, peppermint, 1 tablespoon marjoram, motherwort five-bladed, lemon balm, mix thoroughly. Brew spoon collection Cup boiling water in a thermos, leave for 1.5-2 hours. Then strain. Take half a Cup twice a day an hour after eating.
Treatment with medication and herbs complete the exercises for the hands help the muscles and improves blood flow. Squeeze do this with your brush, do massage of fingers. Get a simple exerciser - ball-hedgehog, the use of which requires no special time and place, simply squeeze do this with your transport or while watching TV. The main thing – the regularity of classes.