You will need
  • - Nokia 6300
Cellular device Nokia 6300 works with GSM networks, so for calls with this phone purchase in a phone shop and buy a SIM card. A little tapping on the back cover with your thumb, slide it in the opposite direction from the plastic rear panel.
Remove the battery, pry up the nail in the notch on its lateral parts. Install the SIM card in a special holder so as shown in the diagram around the restraint. The metal contacts the plastic card should come in contact with the mount contacts.
Without SIM card the unit will operate in standalone mode. This means that will only be available to applications that do not require operator services, photography and videography. To make and receive calls, to send and receive SMS and MMS messages, surf the Internet only if you have a plastic card service provider.
Place the battery in a niche on top of the installed SIM card so the metal contacts on the battery coincide with the same contacts in the battery compartment. If necessary, insert the memory card into the slot, pushing it all the way in until it clicks.
Reinstall the removed back cover of the camera. Then connect to the corresponding connector in the bottom of the phone charger that you purchased along with Nokia 6300. Connect the machine to the network. After 2 hours 45 minutes to finish charging the battery.
To turn on the machine, press and hold for a few seconds rectangular button with the "minus" in a circle located on the top edge of the phone. As soon as the screen displays an animated image of two zdorovaemsya hand and the melody turns on, release the power key.