Open the main menu of your device and click "Settings" to perform the operation restore the default (factory) settings of your phone.
Select "Restore default settings". Possible names:

- "Reset device settings";
- "Restore factory settings";
- "Restore default settings".
Select "Restore settings only" to return to the standard features of the phone and keep my existing personal data, messages, and media files (the variant of the command: "settings Only").
Use "Recover all" to completely remove all information stored in the device and restore factory settings.
Enter the device lock code before performing the restore operation. Enter the default code 12345 if it has not been modified and enter its value if the lock code has been changed.
Impossibility of entering the desired code will need to go to the Nokia Care.
Take advantage of the introduction of a special code *#7780# to implement an alternative method restore the default settings of the mobile device, or enter *#7370# to reset all data and delete multimedia files with the restore factory settings of your phone.
Remember to remove your memory card before performing a restore operation, otherwise will be removed all information and the card will be blocked.