In the "Beeline", for example, you can activate two different types of Internet connections. One of them is carried out via a GPRS connection. In order to connect, you will need to dial USSD-request *110*181# and press the call button. The connection of the second type can be done via a special command *110*111#.
Subscribers of "MegaFon" (regardless of brand mobile phone) to order automatic settings will need to visit the home page of the official website of the operator. Next you need to select the tab "Phones", click on it. You will see a graph called "Internet Settings GPRS and WAP". Then, you will only fill out a short request form.
Setup of Internet connections are available through SMS. In the text you must indicate the number 1. And the number to which to send such SMS - 5049. It is anytime you can get MMS, and WAP. Instead of the unit you will need to insert the digit 2 or 3. Do not forget about the existence of such free offer, and how 05190 05049.
Automatic Internet settings is available for all subscribers of "MegaFon" also the number of customer service 0500 (it is intended for calls from a mobile) or 502-5500 (for calls from fixed phones). In addition, you are always ready to help the staff of the salons of the operator and of its offices.
Users of the network "MTS" for connecting to the Internet on your mobile simply dial the short number 0876 (call it free). You can also use other number - 1234 designed to send SMS messages (text does not specify, SMS must be "empty"). Receive automatic settings will be available through the official website of the company. To do this, simply go to the appropriate section and fill in the field.