The easiest way is through the General settings of the phone. Go to Nokia menu and select "phone Settings", then click on language settings and check the box next to the language you need at the moment. When you want to return to your previous settings, it will be necessary to use the General menu and change the language only through "phone Settings".
Often changing the language in Nokia phone takes place via the menu edit SMS text. In text entry mode, click on the option "input Options" and select "Change input language", where you select the language you need. As soon as you need to switch to another language, use the same procedure.
Also in the process of writing the message, you can press certain buttons and change the phone language. Look at the bottom row of keys those which show an asterisk or a grid, and when you type SMS and want to switch the language, click on one of them. ASIC change language you can change the mode of writing the letters from lowercase to uppercase, to activate T9 mode or other settings of the phone.
If your mobile phone supports a QWERTY keypad use the following shortcut is a button that shows the icon for character input, and the up arrow button. In this case, click the button with the arrow a little sooner than the key with the icon. When the display of the Nokia menu appears, check the box next to the language input that you need.
Since mobile devices are purchased abroad do not include Russian language in the settings, you have to deal with not just language switching and flashing the phone. And do not get carried away here self-installing drivers and software. It is better to consult specialists in order to use the phone without any problems.