You will need
  • Special programs for flashing phones, personal PC, connecting cable, charger, Nokia mobile phone.
Downloaded from the Internet a program for flashing the phone. Choose the free or trial-version, which in the database is a phone of Nokia brand, including not working (not activated). The official version of the program for the firmware Nokia NSU (Nokia Software Updater) not officially available to everyone.
Charge the battery of the phonewhich is in Dead Mode (off mode). It should charge with the phoneor use another charged battery pack.
Run the program on your computer. On the toolbar under "Connection" in the "Status phone" referred to Dead Mode.
Plug the connecting cord to the phone. Follow the instructions of the program. At her command, push and hold the power button for a few seconds Nokia. Follow the on-screen display.
The program confirms or does not confirm the identification of phone Nokia. Press the "Continue" button, depending on the result. If the Nokia phone does not turn on, disconnect and reconnect the cable to the phone. To do the same operation with the connector on the computer.
Reaffirm the continued flashing of the phone. From the list, select the desired firmware version. Confirm the selection by pressing OK.
Watching the progress bar on the screen. If the program has no visual indicator, the forward end of the flashing process. After 10-12 minutes the screen will appear a dialog box with the results. Activate the OK button. If everything went OK, the Nokia phone should automatically start.