You will need
  • -passport and photocopy
  • -birth certificate and photocopy
  • -statement of the unified forms
  • documents of beneficiaries
In cities, especially in Metropolitan areas, it is possible to stand in the queue for a place in the children's garden, if one of the parents has a permanent local residence. In small provincial towns try to negotiate and you put in place at the time of registration or actual place of residence. The exception is children of military personnel. This category of children put on the waiting list for a place in the children's gardenat the actual place of residence, regardless of the city and the region in which they live.
So if you want to have a child in an institution, you need to make a permanent record at least one of the parents. To register in any city is not much of a problem as the media is filled with advertisements of different firms and individuals that offer this service for a reasonable amount.
Then contact your local administration. Imagine the passport and a photocopy of all its pages, birth certificate and a photocopy, fill out the application form. If you have any benefits, you must provide documentation on the availability of benefits.
Benefits, for an extraordinary provision of places in children's garden, are: single mothers, large families, participants of military operations, children whose parents were orphans adopted and taken under guardianship, children of employees of justice, of employees who died in the line of duty, children with disabilities or who have disabled parents or a disabled family.
If you live in a provincial town or in the countryside, to contact you without registration or with temporary registration. Often parents are able to arrange to have their children put on a waiting list for a place in the children's garden.
If the amount of registration and registration on the turn don't bet, you can always find a way out of the situation. Now a huge number of private children's gardens, home groups or, in extreme cases, you can hire a nanny.