Deciding to place your child in private kindergarten, be prepared for the fact that it will take some time to gather the necessary documents. One of the most important documents is the medical card of the child passed by the Commission, according to which the preschool child is given permission to visit the kindergarten. The Commission consists of several required highly specialized doctors: dentist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, neurologist, orthopedic surgeon and a pediatrician, who eventually writes a report on the health of the baby. In addition, the need to take the General and biochemical blood analysis, urine analysis and PAP smear.
One of the child's parents or guardian writes a statement of his offspring in the selected preschool.
Prepare a copy of your passport and a copy of the birth certificate of the baby. Be sure to sign a contract with the owner of a private kindergarten on the provision of services for the care and supervision of a child. As well as the organization of his leisure time at that time when the baby is on the grounds of the facility. Before you sign a contract, please read it and clarify all unclear and exciting moments. Pay special attention to the mode of operation of the kindergarten and the daily routine prescribed for his pupils. Learn about the menus that will be offered to children, and classes that will deal with them the teacher-educator. Ask if there are any in the garden the health worker and how the organization emergency. You have to be sure that the selected institution fits you in all respects. Keep in mind that you have the right to request certification of the proposed agreement at the notary.
To take seriously the preparation of documents to the kindergarten. You are required to provide only accurate information, especially for the health of your child. Because it affects their safety and comfortable stay in a private preschool institution.