You will need
  • - birth certificate;
  • - the passport of the mother or father;
  • - a document certifying the right to benefits (if any);
  • - certificate of employment of both parents.
Come to the district Office of education (Komarovsky's street, 4-a; Ferroalloy, 126; Ordzhonikidze str., 27A; Gorky St., 10; Lenin prospect, d 89; Gagarin str., 16; St. St. Zakharenko, 5-a). Bring a document that confirms the place of residence of the baby's birth certificate, the passport of one of parents is registered in this area, the document on the right to use the benefits (if any). As well as copies of the listed documents. The form and the sample application should be on the table, next to the office.
Write a statement. Define the details of the place and time of birth of the child, gender and number of the birth certificate. As well as the district of residence. Write down the contact details of the father or the mother of the baby and address. Specific children's garden , you can choose only the case in institutions nearby lot. For example, in the area North-West of the gardenof ICA enough, and there is a choice possible. And the Poplar alley the situation is harder, children determine in the gardens for two or four stops from home. The statement also specify the timein which you plan to give the child to the garden.
Submit your completed application. Will receive in return a ticket, which contains the queue number and time of distribution of vouchers. The ticket store before enrolling in the children's garden. Besides the usual queue exists and the privileged.
Monitor progress of the queue. To do this, from time to time, please call the RUO (Kalininskiy rayon - 791-46-45; Metallurgical - 721-58-48; Soviet - 265-58-50; Traktorozavodskogo - 775-30-43; Central - 265-49-34; Leninist - 256-34-73; Kurchatov - 791-46-45). Call in the regional Commission where it stood on the account.
Expect a call from the gardenof IR, head of call when suitable turn. Also, it is possible to come to the RUO. The distribution of tickets takes place in the summer