When to put child in turn in kindergarten and what does it do

Despite the fact that the construction of new kindergartens currently is quite active in most Russian cities there is an acute shortage of places in children's educational institutions. Parents can expect that their child will go to kindergarten on time, only if they advance will take care of setting it to turn.

The sooner the baby will be registered in the list of those in need in the nursery, the better. In most regions the situation is thus that the child should be put in place immediately after receiving the birth certificate. In this case, parents can expect that the baby will give a place in the kindergarten until their first 2-3 years.

Do not think that the week or month of delay - it's the little things. If there is an acute shortage of kindergartens and high fertility, even a week of application can play a crucial role. This is especially true for those children who have to go to kindergarten in the fall, when in all educational institutions there is an active recruitment of new pupils.

How to register a child in the city queue

In order to put the baby on the waiting list for kindergarten, you must submit a relevant application to the city Committee on preschool education. Thus it is necessary to present to the Board the original certificate of birth and your passport, which should be a stamp about registration in a particular city.

Nonresident citizens must have a document of temporary registration by place of residence. Without him to put a child on the waiting list in kindergarten is not possible.

You can also register the baby in the citywide queue for the kindergarten through the Internet. To do this, go to the website of the Committee on pre-school education, log in, fill out a form, indicating all required data and upload the originals of the birth certificate, some pages of the passport of one of parents and, if necessary, a certificate of temporary registration by place of stay.

After recording the child to the list of those in need in kindergarten, he will be individually numbered. Parents will be able to periodically visit the site and to monitor the progress of all.