You will need
  • - birth certificate of the child;
  • - the passport of one of parents;
  • - a document granting the right to privileges;
  • - the rental contract;
  • - photocopies of documents;
  • - telephone directory;
  • - computer with Internet access.
The formation of groups and enrollment of children in preschool institutions engaged in the education Committee. Find out when the admission for the new academic year, by phone. A specialist in early childhood education or the Secretary have to explain what documents are needed and provide the time and conditions of admission. In some municipalities accept documents during office hours in a queue, in others – there is a preliminary record. It is possible that in your community already have an electronic queue. It is also possible to find out in the education Committee.
For the production of all you need the passport of one of parents, which should be stamped on the registration. In many municipalities there is a rule that the privilege enjoyed by children living in the neighbourhood with kindergarten. In situations where the family is registered in one district and live in another document granting the right to get into the garden at the place of residence, is the lease agreement. Clear copies of passports, certificates of birth, certificates, entitled to benefits, as well as with a lease, if necessary.
The Board of education must give you a sample application. Can issue a special form (but they are not everywhere). The statement is written in exactly the same way as any other. In the upper right corner, specify who is your message addressed to (for example, the Chairman of the Committee of education or the Department of education, the name and initials of officials), from whom (your surname, name and patronymic), as well as home address and contact telephone number. Under the word "statement" write: "please provide my child Ivanov Peter Sergeyevich, 2012 birth, in a kindergarten №7". Specify what time you would like to enroll a child in kindergarten. Put a number and signature. Specialist Committee must register your application and inform number the queue. Periodically inquire to the Committee and ask for more, we moved you to the top of the list or not.
To stand up in an electronic queue, it is enough to register on the website of the Committee of education. Passport data and information about the child entered in the designated boxes. Through the site you will be able to monitor the progress of your turn. In this case, the copy and the original documents will need to bring to the education Committee, when it is your turn and you go for a tour.