You will need
  • -passport
  • -birth certificate
  • -a document confirming your relationship to the beneficiaries
  • -statement
  • -may require additional documents
For a place in the children's garden without a queue or first need to apply to the district administration, Department of preschool education and have documented benefits, and a list of required documents.
If your family belongs to the category of large families, you are eligible to receive vouchers to kindergarten without the queue. You will be given immediately after the distribution of seats in preschool institutions. Need documentary proof of your having many children.
Children with disabilities or parents who are disabled also is available at children's garden outside the queue. Please write a statement about the desire to get a place in a preschool institution and to attach a document that you or your child are disabled.
Being a guardian or a foster parent, and an orphan, adopt a child an orphan, your children are also eligible for extraordinary admission to kindergarten. Attach the document that you are a guardian, an orphan or a foster parent these children.
If you visited the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and by eliminating accident received radiation or suffer from radiation sickness, then you have the right to a place in a kindergarten out of turn. For this you need to confirm that you participated in accident elimination on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
Prosecutors, investigators, police officers, judges, soldiers, combatants, employees of bodies of the control of narcotic and psychotropic substances and preparations on their basis are eligible to receive a voucher for their children in kindergarten in the first place.
In addition to statements and documents that you may be given a preferential place in preschool institution is required to attach a passport with a mark about residence permit, the birth certificate of the child with a stamp about registration in the area. You may also need an additional set of documents.