Go to the website e Commission, which Mans preschool. Sign up, enter your name, create a username and password and enter the email address. There will be sent confirmation of registration.
Before you fill out an application for enrollment, select up to three institutions of preschool education, which would be preferable to visit. And only after that fill out the form and send the application form. In the statement give details of the child's birth certificate, registration address and date of admission.
To e-mail you will be sent an individual code to confirm. Confirm the registration within 10 days. Once registration is confirmed, you will have 30 days to gather all the necessary documents of the child.
When all documents are ready, head to the multipurpose center providing state services. In addition to the documents of the child, you will need only a passport of a parent. If all documents are collected correctly, the child is entered in the list of applicants.
Wait for call or e-mail to enroll a child in kindergarten. Also, this information can be tracked on the website.
If you do not have direct access to the Internet, collecting all the necessary documents, please contact the Multipurpose center of providing the services. All information can be given by telephone or in person.