You will need
  • birth certificate, passport
So your child is able to go to one of the kindergartens in a timely manner, register it in the city queue on a kindergarten. The sooner you do, the better. In most Russian regions the situation develops in such a way that the baby need to be registered in the queue immediately after receiving the birth certificate.
In order that the child made the lists needing to visit the garden, can come in the pre-school education Committee and to write a statement of the established sample. If you have the opportunity, do it remotely. For this you will need access to the Internet.
Register on the city's Committee on pre-school education, enter into a special electronic boxes surname, name, patronymic of the baby, date of birth, number of birth certificate. Attach to the application file with your scanned original passport of one of parents, birth certificate of the child.
When it is your turn for kindergarten, you must inform. Will tell you exactly what the preschool kid gave the place. If you arrange everything, you can start to undergo a medical examination. Please contact children's clinic at the place of residence. There you will be given a card and tell you which specialists you need to visit and what tests must pass.
When the medical card of the child passed by the Commission will you have on hand, you can go to the leadership of the preschool for the contract. Bring your passport and birth certificate of the child. If necessary, bring the original certificate of temporary registration by place of residence.
After you pass a medical card and sign the agreement, you will be able to drive baby to daycare. Visit a preschool child will be able to run only from the day when start to operate the contract.