The most stable output in the Internet in the village can be made via the telephone line. Almost every village has a telephone exchange station Telegraph), where you can find out if your telephone line access to Internet using ADSL technology. In case of availability send a request for service connection and give it to the operator. In this case you will have to pay an amount equal to the amount of the monthly subscription fee, which will be immediately credited to your account. In addition, you will need a special modem and a splitter that allows you to "duplicate" the phone line, sending one part to the computer and the other into a standard phone.
If the operator of fixed telephony provides access services to ADSL, you can connect Internet in the village is possible by means of wireless technologies. To do this, purchase a special USB modem, which is sold at the points of connection of mobile communication. Selecting the USB modem refer to the data coverage of each individual operator, as well as information about the availability of technology high-speed data transfer on 3G in yourvillagenom paragraph. Based on current trends in the development of mobile communications and, in particular, new technologies for high-speed data transfer possibility to connect wireless Internet to have residents almost everyone inthe villagex of the point of Russia. When buying a USB modem, you will need to sign a standard contract with the operator for provision of mobile services.
In villages that do not have cell phone coverage and telephone lines with ADSL technology to connect to the Internetcan have a very exotic way - with a satellite dish. However, to do this you need to have a phone and modem to send outbound traffic to the network.