You will need
  • - Wi-Fi router.
If your home already has a desktop computer connected to the Internet, it is wise to use a Wi-Fi router. This network equipment will allow to use a synchronous Internet access to both computers. Purchase a Wi-Fi router and then connect the equipment to AC power. Install it near a desktop computer. This will avoid the need to purchase additional network cable.
Disconnect the cable connection to the Internet from a desktop computer and connect it to the WAN port of the router. Now connect using the network cable supplied with the wireless equipment, LAN port of the router and the network card of the computer. Open your Internet browser and follow the procedure log in to the web interface of Wi-Fi router.
Open the WAN menu. Configure the connection to the Internet. To do this, specify the same settings you used when configuring the direct connection of a desktop computer. If possible, include functions like NAT and DHCP. To enhance the security of your computers, enable Firewall. Note that it can be a hindrance to access some resources on the Internet.
Now click Wireless Settings. Configure the settings for the wireless network Wi-Fi. Be sure to select the most reliable type of encryption (WPA2-PSK), if possible. Set a difficult password. Now, restart Wi-Fi router software or mechanically (power off).
Wait until the router has fully booted up and connected to the server. Check access to the Internet from stationary PCs. Connect the laptop to a Wi-Fi network and make sure that your mobile computer has got Internet access.
If you want to connect to the Internet just the laptop, then disconnect the network cable from the desktop computer to the router.