You will need
  • router.
The easiest and most logical way to get Internet access in the apartment – contact the provider. The professionals will do everything necessary to enable you to visit the world wide web.
The only disadvantage of this method – it is necessary to pay. Most providers provide free connection, but the monthly fee has not been canceled. But given the fact that in many cities the speed of Internet access is well over 10 Mbps, you can find alternative ways to connect to the network.
Agree with neighbors on joint connection to any provider. Purchase a router and place one contract for the provision of access to the Internet. Let's count: 450 roubles is the average price of 1 month on the network for 2100 rubles, you can buy a good router.
If one cable is connected, then your initial investment will be 850 rubles (700 router and a 150 – payment of first month). If you count the second month, you spend 1000. Connect you own, your investment would be identical. Ie already from the third month, savings are each connected user is 300 rubles per month.
Install the router in any of the connected apartments. Connect it to the cable provider and configure the connection to the Internet. By the way, you can ask to do the assemblers of the provider that will lay the cable.
Connect to the router computers other apartments. For this you will need network cables of a certain length. To stretch them through the entrance will not be easy. Now you only have to support the router is enabled to provide Internet access to multiple computers simultaneously.