Advice 1: How to transfer money to America

Even the most ardent opponent of globalization would agree that one advantage in this process. The emergence and development of transnational banks makes it possible for almost instant transfer of money to relatives and friends in other countries on distant continents.Only 15 minutes in the Bank - and the correct amount went abroad. Forget about the old ways to transfer money at your own risk through the familiar and unfamiliar people. Now you do not need to do the "stash" hidden in the bottoms of packages and parcels. It offers the possibility of a civilized transfer of money to other countries through large banks with a strong reputation.
How to transfer money to America
For example, in America money can be transferred in several ways.
If the remittance recipients have an account at Bank of America (Bank of America), contact nearest branch of any Bank where the teller will notify the transfer details: name of the Bank address of the Bank (local branch), Bank's swift code (a unique code identifying the participant of financial accounts) and the account number of the payee (routing number and account number).
Don't forget to bring your identity document and be prepared to pay a certain percentage for transferring money.
If the transfer amount is large enough, you may be asked to pay taxes and to prove that the money obtained by honest means. All this is done to combat global terrorism.
If the recipient has no money Bank account, use the services of Western Union Bank. In the United States there are offices on each step, because for Americans payment for various services through Bank accounts – the usual thing. To send a transfer please fill in the form, submit a document certifying the identity (usually a passport) and fill in the cash transfer sum, calling the name of the recipient and his address.
The operator will give you a unique control number consisting of 10 digits. Once the translation has this number, it is available for the recipient
To get the transfer the recipient needs to tell the operator a unique number and call the name and city of residence of the sender. Withdrawals are free and the transfer can be obtained within 45 days. However, sending Western Union transfers, be ready to pay a Commission.
Transfer money to USA you can also with the help of Contact. For translation you need to pass the same above-mentioned steps. To obtain the money will need to tell the operator a unique transaction number, name and surname of the sender, and country of residence. For the transfer of money will also be taken by the Commission.
If you are owner of Visa international cards, money in America to send using PayPal. To do this, register on the website of PayPal and register in the system of your Bank card Visa. Now enter the email address of your recipient, enter the transfer amount and click "Continue". The recipient must confirm acceptance of payment, after which you will receive notification of the receipt of money. Interestingly, you can choose who pays the fee for the transfer: sender or recipient of the payment.
Before submitting a transfer, be sure to ask what will be the transfer fee and whether the fee for receiving money.
Useful advice
Sending rubles in any of the described methods, please specify what is the dollar selling rate of the Bank today, to have an idea how much will get people in the United States.

Advice 2 : How to send money to America

Transfer abroad cash through mail or Bank system. There are specialized companies that deal only with postal money orders. The largest of them have their own points and offices worldwide, including in the United States.
How to send money to America
You will need
  • For mail order:
  • - passport;
  • - information about personal data of the recipient and the point of receiving the money.
  • For Bank transfer:
  • - information about personal data of the recipient;
  • - open Bank account of the sender;
  • - Bank details of the recipient.
Use the services of one of the largest instant (telegraphic) transfers of money abroad. These are Western Union, MoneyGram, Contact, with offices and service centers in the United States.
Please contact one of the points of these companies, or to the Bank, which cooperates with them. Please submit a document proving your identity, fill out a form for translation. The form includes information on the amount of transfer, full name of the recipient and sender address, and phone number of the recipient.
Deposit cash at the cashier, get a customized transfer code and let the code to the recipient. To receive you need to contact the office or the company in the locality that is specified by you when completing the form, present your identity document, and report individual code translation.
Please note that international money transfers in the systems Western Union, MoneyGram are accepted only in U.S. dollars, in the Contact system made in rubles and foreign currency. Review the limits on the amount of a single transfer of funds abroad.
Use the services of one of the banks for sending money abroad. To make a transfer, open an account, specify on the form the name and surname of the recipient, amount, currency, data account from which you make the transfer, the account data of the recipient, type of translation (urgent or ordinary).
Select the payment procedure Bank transfer: the payment of all expenses by the sender, or pay only for the administration or payment of all expenses of the recipient. Note that, as a rule, the transfer through the banking system is cheaper than through the mail.
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