The cheapest way is to transfer money from one Bank card to another. The Bank's fee is usually 1%. To do this you and the recipient will have to have a Bank card one payment system (e.g. Visa). The translation can be done in the banking Department of the issuing Bank of your card or through online payment system, if supported by your Bank. If the recipient is a legal entity, for example, you pay off the purchase in the online store, the money transfer from the card directly on the store website. Although not all American stores work with foreign credit cards.
The most common method of transfer between individuals through a system of fast money transfer Moneygram and WesternUnion. These companies have a wide network of dealers around the world, thanks to what can pick up their money within 10 minutes after departure, even if the distance between you is huge. You will have to pay a fee for the transfer of funds. It is usually about 5-10%. You can also choose to send a free message up to 10 words.
In order to make a transfer via WU or MG, you need to do the following. Come to the office of one of the transfer systems or Bank authorized to send and receive money on behalf of these systems. To tell the cashier data about the recipient (name, surname, patronymic, city and country, where he will take the money) and provide information about yourself in the form of identity document. Give the cashier the moneyyou want to transfer, and pay the fee for the shipment. To obtain a special number of payment which you can use to track the translation (WU, it is called Money Transfer Control Number, Moneygram Reference Number).
Next, you need to notify the recipient that his name sent the money through a specific payment system. You can tell him the number of the payment, however, this is not a prerequisite for receiving money. After 10-15 minutes, the recipient can collect the transferred funds at the office of the company, upon presentation of the identity document.
Transfer the money can also ordinary Bank transfer, it is longer but cheaper. To do this, tell the Bank:
- name and surname of the recipient;
- the amount of your transfer and the currency in which you transfer the funds;
- details of the account from which you want to transfer money;
- the data recipient's account (number, Bank details);
- type of translation (urgent – 1 day – usually 3 banking days).
Discuss in advance with the recipient, who will pay for the transfer. You can take it entirely on yourself, you have to pay the Commission of your Bank and the recipient Bank (if he charges for this service money), or pay only a part. Typically, banks in Russia are taking 1% of the amount transferred.
For fans of electronic money have the option of PayPal. This system is very common in America. Payment is made through e-wallet from your credit card or Bank account. Can transfer funds between PayPal members. Read more about her work you can read here: