You will need
  • - passport;
  • - information about the Bank destination (country and city name of Bank, SWIFT code of beneficiary Bank);
  • - passport details of the recipient in Latin and the account number.
Select method international wire transfer to Sberbank. Wire transfer to other countries is only available for private persons - clients of the savings Bank. International cash transfer may be credited to the beneficiary's account in the savings Bank or another Bank, or by means of cash. Execution time of translation for these options up to two business days.

International translations of "Kolibri" refers to a category of urgent translations cash and for those who urgently need to transfer money to Ukraine, Belarus or Kazakhstan. This translation you can send and receive only in Sberbank, but there is no need to open a Deposit. Money is credited within an hour.

International transfer in the savings Bank MoneyGram also belongs to the category of urgent, provides the ability to transfer cash in 190 countries. The term of the transfer in 10 minutes.
Please contact the office of Sberbank, where the style you have chosen option international transfer. Or learn what forms of translation are available in the nearest branch and choose one.
Inform the employee of the savings Bank data needed to process the international transfer. In the case of transfers via MoneyGram system, and "Hummingbird" need only passport data, your and recipient. If you have chosen a non-cash transfer or international transfer to the account in Sberbank or another Bank, you will need the beneficiary's account consisting of 20 digits, and Bank details of the recipient.
When you make international wire transfer MoneyGram and "Hummingbird" enter a security question and answer. This additional security measures, they should not be neglected.
Enter in the cashier of the savings Bank the amount of the transfer including the fee. When a Bank international transfer in the savings Bank and the cash transfer to the beneficiary's account fee is 1-2% and depends on the currency translation. The international MoneyGram transfer size of the fee depends on the recipient country, ranging from 2$ to 300$. The international translation of "Hummingbird" and the Commission for the sender and for the recipient is 1% of the transfer amount, regardless of currency translation.
Make a note of the control number assigned to the transfer, as well as a security question-the answer is, if you make a MoneyGram transfer or "Hummingbird".
Inform the recipient control number and test question and answer.
If necessary, use a service for the lifting of international transfer in the savings Bank demand the recipient. When you transfer MoneyGram service the cancellation is free of charge. In other cases, international transfers of the savings Bank costs 150 rubles, or about $ 45.