You will need
  • - surname, name and address of the person or organization transferring funds;
  • - Bank account details of the recipient;
  • - passport;
  • the money for translation.
If you need to quickly transfer money, or your recipient do not have Bank accounts, use the services of any system of remittances. To start ask the person you are sending money to, any office of money transfer systems presented in his city. The most common offices "Western Union", but also abroad, and in Russia there are transfer systems Anelik and Migom.
Compare rates of transfer systems. This information can be obtained either in their office or on their sites.
Contact the Department of your chosen money transfer system, or in a Bank, who works with her. Come with money sufficient for transfer and payment of the fee and passport. Fill in you the blank, specifying the name and surname of the addressee, his place of residence and the amount you want to send. Pay the required amount and in return receive a receipt which will indicate the number of cash shipments. Tell this number to the recipient so that he could get the money in your country in the Department for receiving remittances.
If you know the banking details of the recipient, send him the money by money transfer. To come to this Bank where you opened your account. Specify in the application for the transfer of money that you will get the employee name and the name of the person or the name of the organization where you send money, Bank name, Bank SWIFT code, the account number of the recipient. Then ask the employee how much will be the fee for the transfer of money. If necessary, replenish your account through the cashier.

After a few days your recipient will receive the money to your Bank account.