You will need
  • - the amount of money considering the fee system
  • - a document certifying the sender's identity (passport or international passport)
To send money via Western Union, you need first to come to the facility of this system. There you will be given a form to fill in. It's very easy, in the application form shall indicate the full name of the person who designed the transfer and country & city of destination.
In Russia, the administration must prove their identity with a document. For citizens of Russia is sufficient to present a passport or passport. The term ID should not be expired, be sure to provide original, photocopies are unacceptable. As identity document, you can use the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or other country passport as well as those documents that are considered to be identity in Russia. If the person sending the translation, is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, he / she must provide notarialna certified translation of their ID in Russian language.
After completion of the procedures and documents you will need to pay the fee in cash. The Commission may vary, the exact amount you will be informed at the point of service.
On the receipt, which you hand over, will be written by the transfer control number. It must inform the recipient, because without the control number, he will not be able to get funds sent.