You will need
  • - to specify the recipient information;
  • - filling the form of transfer;
  • - to present a passport.
Find out the person you are about to send a transfer, his full name, also please specify the country and city in which it will be easier to get moneythat"s all the data that is needed. No more specific bindings to the address for Western Union transfers do not have to obtain the money will probably be absolutely any facility located in the city of destination.
Select service Western Union from which you would prefer to send the money. In the big cities of Russia these points are located almost everywhere — in banks, exchange offices, post offices Russia. Find information about the nearest point of Western Union you can use the link and by phone 8 800 200 2232, 8 (495) 797 21 97.
Take your passport or other document proving your identity, the required sum of money given in transfer fees — current rates you can look at the company website and go to your chosen service.
Take the form of transfer and fill it. Please note that even if you send money to another city of Russia, to fill in the necessary Latin letters, Cyrillic Western Union system don't work.
Tell the operator the facility completed form and your passport for verification. If everything is in order — send money. Take your receipt, which includes the transfer control number.
Contact the recipient and inform him of the control room. Just in case that the addressee had no problems with getting money, report back in writing via text or e-mail your full name in Latin letters, exactly as they are recorded in the system.
Please note that on the website of the company it is possible to track the fate of translation. To do this, enter in the form fields transfer control number and the sender's name, as they are recorded in the system.