You will need
  • - The document proving the identity;
  • - transfer code.
After you have submitted the translation, it becomes available to you in a few minutes. In some regions of the CIS countries, the transfer can take 48 hours. To receive a money transfer in Western Union service points. This service is available only to individuals and not available to make payments, investments and commercial transactions. Money transfers Western Union can be sent in rubles and in dollars. As a rule, payment shall be made in the currency of the recipient country. Payment of transfers from abroad made in Russia in US dollars.
Find out the nearest service point Western Union. This can be done on the website you can find out the status of the transfer. Come to the office. Don't forget to bring your identity document: the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, or foreign passport. A document certifying the person, are also considered military card, residence permit, a temporary document instead of the lost passport. Please submit this document to the cashier.
Complete the application form and specify a unique transfer code. Transfer code consisting of numbers or letters, the sender should inform you in advance. Be prepared to provide the transfer amount, sender's name, the answer to the control question (if the sender included it in the translation). Security question can be used for identification of the recipient, as an additional measure.
Sign the form on receipt of funds. The cashier will give you a copy of the form and money.
If for some reason you cannot receive the funds personally, it can make you a different person. This person should have a power of attorney to the transaction, certified by a notary, private ID and also need to know information about a transfer listed above.