You will need
  • - passport;
  • - surname and name of the payee;
  • - the name of the city where the recipient is located;
  • - a phone number or email address of the recipient;
  • the money to send plus the amount sufficient for payment of the fee of the payment system.
On the official website of the payment system "Western Union" review rules transfers and with the cost of sending money abroad. The Commission can vary depending on what country or region you are sending the translation.
Look for the service "Western Union". This can be done on the company's website, by clicking on the link "Search office". Enter your city, address and the services you require, for example, round-the-clock work of the office. Then click on the "Find" and our system will give you a list of addresses where you can send translation.
If you are not able to find the point of reception of payments online, please contact the nearest branch of the Bank. Many banks are cooperating with "Western Union" and accept payments through the system.
At the point of reception of payments contact your operator. He will give you the application form for the sending of money you will have to fill. Specify in the statement the recipient's name, location (country and city) and amount of translation. If the transfer is made in rubles, the amount will be converted into local currency, so be aware of possible financial losses due to the difference in rates.
Tell the technician completed application and your passport, as well as the amount of the transferplus a fee for service payment system. If you filled out everything correctly, sending money will be made.
The operator will give you a receipt with a control number of money transfer. Save it before the recipient will receive the money.
Inform the recipient control number translationand indicated on the receipt. In some countries, the recipient can not receive money without it. Pass the room on the phone or email.This your submission is complete. The recipient can receive the money in any branch of "Western Union" in that city you specified when filling out the application.