You will need
  • the money for translation.
  • - account details.
Find out the number of the invoice recipient and payment details of the Bank. Among them must be SWIFT code, Bank name and address of office serving account. You also need to clarify, as written in Latin letters, or other local alphabet the name of the account holder.
If you are sending a large sum of money to a person which is not related to your family, be prepared for the fact that you need help with the IRS on the legality of the money. The same situation, only for any amount of money will arise if you send money to an account in your name.
Come to the Bank through which you want to do the translation. Most likely, you will have to open an account financial institutions are rarely allowed remittance abroad without opening it. Inform them the amount of the transfer, and that you want to send it to another country.
Read and verify a payment order drawn up by the operator. If all the information is correct, place it on the signature. After that, the employee with not enough money to transfer to your account will direct you to the cashier where you will be able to increase your balance. After payment, you will receive a copy of the documents i.e. the copy of the payment order from the Bank. Find out how much time will go payment. It usually takes three to five days. After this period you can contact the person - the recipient of the amounts and find out what happened to his money.