Move money over the border through one of the international money transfer systems: Western Union, MoneyGram, Contact, etc. to do this you will need to know the recipient how it is written the name and surname, country and city name in which this person will be easier to get money. Office systems international translations in the major cities you can find almost everywhere: in banks, exchange offices, post offices. The advantage of this method is speed of delivery of money to the destination. The disadvantage is the high cost of translation.
Send money by Bank transfer. The easiest way to do it, if you and your friend or relative opened an account in one Bank, then you can transfer the required amount from your account to the payee's account. If your city has a branch of the Bank whose client is the recipient, you can just put in his account in cash. Its branches outside of Russia have a large Russian banks, but they are mainly located in countries of the former USSR. Some banks, such as Sberbank, provide the ability to send money without opening an account. In foreign countries, it is also possible to do an interbank transfer. To clarify the possibility of such transfer, the timing of passing of money and rates, you can branch of his Bank, whether on its Internet website.
Send money by postal the cyber money. The current list of countries to which it is possible to send a translation as well as rates to such a shipment, check on the website of the Russian post or in the nearest post office. The translation will be delivered in about two days.
Put money into an electronic wallet of your friend. This method is available if you and your friend or relative use the same payment system. To make a transfer, you will need to know the account number of the recipient. The money will be transferred in a matter of moments. The transfer fee depends on the payment system.