You will need
  • For the transfer through the payment system:
  • - passport;
  • money.
  • - fountain pen;
  • - name and surname of the recipient, in some cases, the place where it's located or the address of the point of delivery of the translation.
  • For Bank transfer:
  • - current account in the same currency as the beneficiary account;
  • - the balance is sufficient to cover the transfer amount and Bank charges;
  • - account details of the payee.
If you do not have a Bank account or you prefer not to use it for this purpose, select the money transfer system, which would prefer to use. They differ in rates, speed of transfer of money (from several minutes to several hours), geography of presence. In many systems, to transfer at any point of delivery on the territory of Russia, other money are only for a specific item.If CIS the choice of payment systems in Russia, broad, abroad much less. The most famous of the international system Western Union. But transfers within the CIS it is not the most competitive rates compared to other.
After the choice of payment system is made, you need to come to the nearest point of reception of transfers during working hours with your passport and money. You will need to complete one or more documents. You will take the money (it is possible that it will have to stand in line), will issue a receipt and money transfer control number.
This number must be reported to the beneficiary via SMS, e-mail, through one of the messaging programs (ICQ, Scype, etc.) by telephone or telegram. The money he can get on the same day, at least, next just to the point of issue was not closed.You can send money and yourself, if you are planning a trip to the country, and to obtain upon arrival to the place. Translations are usually waiting for your recipient to one month.
To transfer money to Russian Bank account, he should be in the same currency as the beneficiary account. Almost all Russian banks to open their customer accounts in rubles, dollars and euros. Accounts in currencies of other countries is a rarity but there are.Some foreign banks, as a rule, created with the participation of Russian credit institutions that have correspondent accounts in Russia. This allows their clients to open ruble accounts and make transfers in Russia in its currency.
To transfer money you need the Bank details of the payee. The main thing - the account number. The rest you can copy from the official website of the beneficiary Bank. Each has a section "Details". You will need the details for international transfers (or transfers in foreign currencies).If you have Internet banking you can send money with it, by entering details in the required fields.
Another option is to visit the nearest Bank branch with your passport and give details for generating payment to the teller.
Users from Russia have the opportunity to receive and send money through MoneyBookers. To make a transfer to Russia with its help, you will need an account and the email address of the recipient, which is tied to his account in it. Well, the money in the account in the system should be sufficient.
Another popular international PayPal contains restrictions for users from Russia, therefore less preferred for such purposes.If you have a purse in the electronic payment system Webmoney or another, you can use it. Importantly, the recipient was a purse in it. Possible transfer money from the wallet one payment system no purse in the other, but in this case it will cost more.